Hi, my name is Anna and I'm a recovering perfectionist. I don't know if there's a group for that, but if there is, that's where I belong.

I paint stuff. And write stuff. And spend WAY too much time on Twitter and Pinterest.

I am a counselor, married to a counselor. That sounds fancy, but it really just means our fights sound hilarious.

I'm a(n) (over)thinker and an (over)analyzer.

For the first time in my life I don't have a 10 year plan. Or a 5 year plan. Or a 1 year plan. This terrifies me.

I love people, but they exhaust me. It takes a lot of quiet spaces for me to make it through the day. I tell people that that, and they laugh like I am joking. I'm not.

Quiet time is my salvation.

Once I get home in the evening, I'm not going back out. For any reason. Unless the house catches on fire, then I would go. But barring a crisis, nope, not leaving. This drives my husband a little bit crazy.

I love lots of things, including poetry, quotes, and jellybeans.

God and I have had our issues, but He never left me.

We do a lot of reading and resting and creating at our house. In my daughter's words, "We do the art."

My deepest, most precious beliefs can be summed up in two words: Love Wins.

I've had to walk away from situations because I was too angry to think straight. This inevitably leads to me standing in the Dollar General asking myself, "How can I let love win in this situation?" This is good for me, but possibly disturbing for the Dollar General employees.

I believe that every person deserves to be treated with love and respect. Even if they are jerks. I tell myself the jerks are sent to help me practice unconditional lovingkindness. Or patience. Or something like that.

My Mission:

I create to honor myself and to acknowledge all that lives in me.

I write to create a space for my soul to dance.

I share because there is power in connection. In that moment where our hearts meet and sigh, "Oh, it's true. You have been there. I am not alone." In that moment, we are both at our most human.

I share to shine a light on dark, unspoken places.

I share because I believe burning up my reputation, my togetherness, my 'fine' is a great love. And love wins.

I share to show that in every pit there is a bottom and out of every darkness there is a path. I share to throw a circle of light on the road.

"Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love" (Mother Theresa). This is my small thing.


  1. What a beautiful, honest confession.
    I think we could be good friends.
    I would never mess with your quiet. I need it, too.

  2. Susie, if we could sit beside each other and look out at the water I'd be all in!

  3. anna, i think we are kindred spirits in the need for lots of quiet moments in between loving people. and love wins? me too. and two counselors married and fighting. definitely made me lol.

    1. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  4. Anna, you know how when you write a post and link it up with SDG or Laura for Playdates with Michelle.....and you say, 'Man, I wish I had all day to get to know these people!?'
    Well you are one of those people I'd love to get to know. So glad I stopped by today.

    Your words make me smile. And your armor on/armor off post just plain made. me. think.

  5. I still have "turquoise blog envy" over here! I am sitting in my local coffee shop with tears in my eyes reading about you. I felt like you were sitting across from me sharing yourself in person. Love the image of The Dollar General- for me it is nostalgic. Love meeting you here today.

  6. Beautiful words that made me smile.

  7. Hi Anna, This is the first time I have visited your blog and it was just a happy accident! I was looking at downloads of free chalk art! :-) Somehow I arrived here. I am bookmarking your blog so I can visit often. I love your style of writing and you remind me so much of myself!! I laughed out loud (lol) when I read "but possibly disturbing for the Dollar General Employees"!! Hilarious! I too, have a blog, but unfortunately, have avoided writing on it. Mostly because life gets in my way, although I do love to write! I've recently started stamping and picked up my guitar again after not playing for about 3 or 4 years! Maybe you have inspired me to start journaling again, but my Art will probably win out. There is only so much time! I hardly have time to read someone else's blog! :-/ I know.... everyone has 24 hours in a day and we all just choose how we want to use them. I'm like you though.. I stay away from "people" and love being by myself and just creating, reading, playing my guitar and having conversations with God. He's my best Friend and constant Companion along with my wonderful and faithful husband. Thanks for taking time to share. I so enjoyed reading this post! Linda

  8. Hi Anna, I sympathize with everything you wrote, and if you ever establish that group for recovering perfectionists, count me in...I hope God grants you your wishes!
    All the best,

  9. Sounds like we are kindred spirits. Love your writing. Blessings to you - look forward to reading more!