Thursday, October 17, 2013

Portrait of a Girl From Start to Finish

I have been making portraits lately. I have always loved drawing girls' faces. I would doodle faces in the margins of my notebooks when I was in school, and this brings me back to that. I have been working on pieces of vintage book paper. It is a joy to work on-I love the velvety texture of the paper. It absorbs the water quite well, making it easy to work wet on wet, and creates some interesting water blots.
I start with a basic outline of the facial features.

Then fill in with watercolor crayon. This step sets some of the color and lays the beginning of the shadows.

The first layers of color are blended with water and a flat brush. Not looking too pretty yet.
I edge the lines with a black stabilo pencil working on the already wet book paper. I let the picture dry before deciding whether or not to use a liner brush to go over the stabilo with water to darken the edges even further.

Worked over more with the stabilo, a black pen, and a white gel pen. The kids are waking up, and I'm happy with her, so it is time to call it done!

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  1. This is beautiful, love it! Thanks for sharing!!