Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Hurried Life {guest posting by Ryan}

In the wise words of the band Alabama:
I'm in a hurry to get things done
Oh I rush and rush until life's no fun
All I really gotta do is live and die
But I'm in a hurry and don't know why.

How often do we feel like that? I can't speak for you, but this comes up more often than I like for me. I hate feeling this way.

I know life is not a race, but it's hard to turn that drive off sometimes. Just get it over with. Check another thing off my list.

The scary part is when doing things with my daughters joins that list. I don't want to think that way about them. They deserve better than that. I sometimes run through the things that I could be enjoying with them so that we can do the evening routine and I can have time to myself.
And what do I do with that time? Sit around and feel like I wasted my day because I didn't get much out of it. Why did I not get much out of it? Because I was somewhere else most of the time mentally. If that's how I feel about just one day, what do I get if I do it over and over throughout life? A wasted life?
When all this is over and I am dead and gone, what will be left? The love. The relationships. The example that I have set for them by my words and deeds. And as a father of two daughters it's even more important to set the right example. They have to know that they are worth my time, that I enjoy spending it with them, that they are great just as they are, and that I am here with them because I love them, not because I have to be.
This is so important because that's the kind of man that I want each of them to be with in the future and the daddy/daughter relationship that I have with them will be the one on which they base their future romantic relationships. Not getting this right could bring up all kinds of daddy issues and I have seen too many of those to take a chance on that happening to my girls.
I will do better today. I must do better.
I will cover myself with a blanket and pretend I am hiding from my girls so they will come and jump on me when they find me.
I will let them play my guitars and deal with the pain of the noise as they play along with me.
I will stay awake and read stories to them when my body feels like nap time.
I will make sure that they see every fish in the pet store again even if we have already seen them twice.
I will answer all the questions about digestion and do my best to do it in an age appropriate manner.
I will make it through another 30 minutes of Dinosaur Train with a smile on my face even though I have seen it five times already.
I really enjoy these things, it's just easier to sometimes to turn on the cruise control and roll on...
But what comes out of these moments are the memories that will long outlast me and whatever else I think I want to do with my time.
I will be mindful and intentional, for what is life if you don't live it? Wasted time.

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  1. I LOVE this! Sometimes we all need a good reminder to slow down and cherish these moments!