Sunday, November 11, 2012

Worthy, Precious, Loved

Yesterday I posted about What I Want my Kids to Know. When I first wrote this into my journal, I planned to print it to go in their rooms. I talk to them already about worthiness, about relationship, about love that exists outside of their behavior.

On one particularly memorable day we were walking home from the park, and child 1 was screaming and crying very loudly and dramatically. I told her, quietly, that although her behavior was not very good at the moment, she was good and I still loved her. She was still a precious soul.

She started screaming (very loudly), "I don't love you! YOU ARE NOT PRECIOUS!" We did this all the way home, me saying things like, "I hear that you are angry. This is not acceptable behavior. But I still love you," and her screaming, "NOOOOO! I don't love you! I DO NOT LOVE YOU!"

My mom says she is too young to understand when I say these things to her, and maybe that's true. But what is the magical number? I don't know at what point she will understand, and I want these truths, You are worthy, You are loved, You are a precious soul, to be the first things that she remembers.

Not getting pushed off the slide at school. Not making me proud for doing something well. Not learning to write her name. Not the arrival of her sister. Not who said something mean at school. Not how to make me smile.

All those things matter too, but they are not what I want to be first. When she is my age and doubt and insecurity and fear slip into her bed, I want the deepest, farthest back thing, the words pressed right up against her heart, to be Worthy, Loved, Precious. Even if I'm no longer able to say it. Even if no one else says it.

A commenter yesterday pointed out that this is a message for all of us, really. No matter how old we are, no matter what our deepest words are, this is what the Father whispers to us. You too are worthy. You too are loved. You too are precious. Without condition.

If you'd like to print a copy of this for your house you can do that HERE.


  1. First of all, I'm amazed that you kept your composure and remained understanding of your daughter's reaction. I would not have been so patient, so I applaud you for your self-restraint. Secondly, this reminded me of the nanny's words in the movie, The Help. "You is good, you is smart, you is important." I felt like that child really needed to hear those words especially in trying times like you experienced with your daughter. Great job to you, mom!

    1. Thanks Beth. I am a counselor with kids by day, so when some things happen I just shut the mommy off and go into work mode. Also we were in the middle of the sidewalk, so what else is there to do? The Help-wonderful movie. If every child had those words whispered in their ears the world would be a better place.

  2. Hi...we are linky neighbors today...I love this...thanks for the print out...and I don’t believe our children are ever too young...or too old to hear these beautiful truths spoken over them...My oldest is youngest 16...and me at 55...each one of us need to know all these truths in our lives...please keep speaking this beauty to your children...and thanks for the print out...oh how 16 yrs olds need to me reminded...not daily...but moment by moment...blessings to you~

  3. Love it! So often we forget how much we are love! Thanks! Love the printable!

  4. I agree, this is a message that we should all take to heart!!

  5. Yes, yes--a message for all of us. I admire your patience, sweet friend! Our children help conform us to His image, do they not? Much love to you.