Wednesday, November 21, 2012

may your heart be thin, may the eternal kiss you

Last night while I was reading, my upper body locked up. Pain stabbed through my chest and between my shoulder blades and radiated up the left side of my face. Of course, I immediately thought, "HEART ATTACK! HEART ATTACK! HEART ATTACK!" Because that's what I do. Jump from zero to dying in no time flat.

I'm writing this morning, so I'm obviously not dead. Happy Thanksgiving!

Last week Jean wrote about thin places. Places where "heaven kisses earth, and eternal time brushes against ordinary time." Kairos places.

There are sites, map coordinates for these places. We could go there, you and I. We could make a pilgrimage and sit cross legged under the vast blue sky. They say, people that know, that God hovers close there.

What I want, through this holiday season and forever, is for my heart to be the thin place. I don't want to board a plane to feel the kiss of heaven. I want to carry it with me wherever I go. I want my heart, my fragile, hurting heart, to recognize fleeting kairos, eternal moments, as they pass. I want to be my own mountain. My own retreat.

After I finish this post, I'm taking the rest of the week off from writing. Family is coming to visit. There will be meals prepared together, candles lit, hands held. There will be a resting together. Kairos.

I love you too. You have encouraged me in so many moments through your comments and your own writings. I am sitting here by the fire, cozy in body and soul. I am thinking of you, saying a prayer. May your heart be thin. May the eternal kiss you. Kairos.


  1. May you have a blessed rest and carry that thin place forever with you. Love your writing and glad we connected. Thanks for the mention too.

    May your heart be thin - great line

  2. Happy resting, may you find joy, and peace, and God's presence in your rest.


  3. Beautiful post. I hope you had a wonderful and restful holiday weekend!

  4. What a lovely idea-to allow our heart to be that place where we are close to God. It doesn't matter where we are, physically. We can still find those places.