Sunday, October 28, 2012

More God Than You Can Handle

you already have more access to God

Click on the image above to download it as a screensaver.

The link up was awesome. Reading your stories, about your struggles and your rising, amazes me. Each of these stories was a gift. Thank you.

Today remember this verse, wherever you are, however high or low you feel, no matter how far from where you want to be.

Everything we have, everything we are is a gift. How can we judge and shame ourselves if that is true? Even our weak parts are gifts.

You don't need to change first. You don't need to be better. There is nothing you have to do. Just as you are, right now, you already have all the access to God you could want. More than you can handle.


  1. Amen! What else can i say? Oh yes, I will pin this!! Patsy from

    1. Thanks for Pinning! I saw it on pinterest and was super excited!