Friday, October 12, 2012

Kairos Kairos Everywhere

This has been a great week. Not in any big, spectacular way. Just in a quiet, ordinary way. I've had kairos, God moments, popping up all over the place. The flip side of the pain.
I had a conversation with my dad, and we were both real and honest, and neither on of us got defensive and angry and hung up the phone. Kairos.

I curled up on the floor beside a little boy that hurt himself and held him the way I'd want someone to hold my daughter if she were hurt. He leaned up into me and showed me his boo boo. Kairos.

Even in my dream last night I was sitting with a family in struggle and we took each others hands and I prayed, "Our Father in heaven, holy is your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done, on Earth like it is in heaven.

This weekend is a big deal for me. I'm taking a test that I could have studied more for, but I couldn't make myself choose studying over soul work. So if you're reading this, throw a little prayer my way.

My wish for you, as the weekend draws near, is that kairos moments will surround you. And when you see those beautiful moments drawing near embrace them, pull them close, sink in.


  1. Love the new blog/post.

  2. Hi Anna! I found you after finding me over at Cardigan Way and have enjoyed your posts the last couple of days...and your "what we're reading"! We could talk a LOT about books! :) I didn't know what kairos was...and just looked it up, like a better word for divine encounter, right?. Perfect. I'm going to remember this!

    Also, I was enjoying the connection between our two blogs. Between your reference to Harry Potter and then mine as well as your post about the next great adventure and my quote today... I've been smiling! So glad to have found you!