Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hello Hurricane

I met a friend for coffee this morning. We sat beside the water just after sunrise, eating sweetbreads and watching the birds dive down. On my way there and back home, this is the song that spoke to me.

Where I live, 30 miles from the gulf, hurricanes are just a part of life. Storm trackers are free at Popeye's, we stock up on bottled water. Sometimes the storms do run us North and send us seeking shelter, but often we stay. We board up, stock up, lock up, showing the storm a healthy measure of respect. 

What we know, those of us that live near the water, is that if the storm comes we will pull together to repair what's windblown broken. We know that sometimes, after the storm, God shows up. We see how strong we are, what a community we have, how many people love us. 

It hasn't been so many years that this place I sit now with my friend, my favorite place, was underwater. It was an empty lot before the hurricane came and everything within a mile of the lake flooded. It was in the aftermath that the beautifully unexpected  grew. The lot was transformed into a gorgeous park that is filled every day with flowers and fountains and dogs and children. 

This weekend, if the hurricane is rolling in, winds raging and sky turning dark, throw open your arms. Let the storm blow around you. Let the rain pour down. No matter how fierce the hurricane may be, it can't take your love. You are enough. Your love is strong enough. You will make it through. It may be the flood that reveals an opportunity to become even more beautiful.


  1. Oooh. I love this picture of the storm changing things and turning them even more beautiful than before. ~Darcy

  2. i've always wondered what it's like to ride out a hurricane but never thought about what gifts there are in the aftermath. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful strengthening words, Anna.